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If you had blogged in the past, you would probably agree that most standard web based blogging editors leave much to be desired. Be it Blogger, WordPress, and yes, MyRealPage built-in blog editors: they are all a far cry from using software like Microsoft Word, or even Google Docs; or OpenOffice. The interesting thing is that there are a slew of blog editing software out there, many freeware, like Windows LiveWriter and FireScribe, that do a much better job with blog authoring ( I found this interesting list: ). And now you can use most of them to edit MyRealPage blogs! Why get so excited if you could already do this with the built-in editor? You see: 3rd party blog editors have many, many more features that are typically available with even well-recognized built-in blogging software. For example Windows LiveWriter ( ) can let you:


Green Sea Turtle

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